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Vytenis Lingys

Vytenis Lingys is a Lithuanian-born artist whose paintings have been shown extensively worldwide since 1988. Having attended the Vilnius Children's Art School, going on to study at the Vilnius Art Academy, Lingys' embarked on a career creating set designs for films and festivals, simultaneously developing his unique personal style. Once stylised realism with references to the masters of the 20th century, Lingys' work now concentrates on the immensity of the natural world inspired by the raw landscapes of Andalucia, Spain, where he now spends six months of every year.

His current works are often large-scaled oils on canvas, painted within and outside his studio in Velez Malaga. Explosions of many, richly layered oils on canvas, Lingys' works absorbs the viewer into his vision of his abstraction of the forces of nature.  As described by the French critic Christian Noobergen: "A strong painter of lines of intimacy and signs of crazy life, Lingys' brush navigates extraordinary, magical graphic realms, but leaves an open and infinite expanse of the void".

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