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Ingrid Barber

Ingrid Barber is an artist and maker. Frequently adopting a historical narrative in exhibitions about The Somme, The Russian Revolution , Waterloo and Auschwitz, working in mixed media , wax and 3D, Ingrid’s work this year turns, in addition, to issues surrounding us in the “now”. The wonders and mysteries before us get swallowed up by the ceaseless conversations of the mind. Although “presence” is a popular concept in this crazy, digitally obsessed, Brexit world we live in, hardly any of us actually manage to do it. We’re too busy worrying about why the soup is too cold. Ingrid’s process is collage, large scale exploratory ink drawings leading to the final outcome in oil paint.


Arising from a deep sense of personal loss of her European identity and subsequent feelings of isolation and outsiderness, the “human dysfunction”series was created over one year. Responding to the desperate uncertain shifting sands of Brexit Britain these works respond to social issues affecting society now. In old age, how do we fit into a world as it evolves to exclude analogue values? Massive increase in mental heath issues triggered by technology and a lack of human contact. Where is the place for spirituality in all this chaos?

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