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For Collectors

Using our combined experience and international connections, we help to put private and corporate clients in touch with art, working together to create bespoke displays, build collections and create new stories. Working directly with artists, we curate exhibitions in a variety of locations, private and public.  


We're sensitive to the nuances of collecting, the passion of supporting art and the thrill of discovery. 


We're revitalising access to art. 

Through decades of experience across museums, galleries and diplomacy, we've found that art and culture is always a conversation; it's always unique. 

For Artists

We work directly with successful UK and international artists, whose work we promote to our clients.  Our reach is wide-ranging, with access to a vast range of additional work which can equally be used to create displays on an acquisition or sometimes temporary basis. Our services are a conversation, a one-off. 

We like to be agile, not limiting our activity, or those of our artists, to specific geographic locations. We create opportunities globally, that are sensitive to local markets and traditions, while finding something new and interesting, both for the artists and the audiences they will reach. 

We don't believe in representing artists. The world is too interesting a place to be restrictive and closed. At the core of our ethos is sharing, talking, and discovery.

For Business

Advising, curating and managing large-scale installation projects, we work with corporates to revitalise collections, create long-term displays and statements, forging new connections and collaborations. We source high quality works through our network of serious collections. We're always curious, and driven to bring unlikely ideas together, bridging the disparate. 

Through our connections with charities and non-profits, we instigate projects that provide excellent CSR opportunities, and run events for staff and clients alike that place them in direct contact with artists and the communities. 


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